Qwiki : Wikipedia From the Future to Your iPad or Browser

Remember that scene in the beginning of David Lynch’s Dune where Paul is studying on a tablet computer while it narrates and shows video of the major players and planets? It was a wonderful way of intenerating necessary background information that most movies would cover with a text crawl. It is also now available for your planet.


photoQwiki is a multimedia Wiki that emphasizes style of substance. Based on Wikipedia and started by founders of Facebook and Youtube, Qwiki aims to give you a 10 second overview of any topic that may pop into your head. Qwiki isn’t going to give you enough information to make you an expert on the topic, but it will clue you in as to what your wife’s co-workers were talking about at last night’s dinner party while you were busy playing Angry Birds.

Don’t let it brevity turn you off. While Qwiki may be closer to a multi-media dictionary than an encyclopedia, Qwiki is still more than capable of filling your grey matter with smart stuff. Read in a pleasant synthesized female voice accompanied by a synched slide show of photos or video, Qwiki presents a list of links to (shockingly relevant) related topics. Qwiki-ing Foxconn leads you to Foxconn suicides which leads to 2010 Chinese Labor unrest. It’s like surfing the ‘Net without the eye strain. Or ads. Or LOLcats.

But enough talk! Text is not the Qwiki way! Amazingly, Qwiki allows you to embed entries in web pages like this:

Qwiki is a free service on the web available via a massive dose of Flash or as an app for the iPad. Of course if you’ve been clicking the links across this article you probably get the idea by now Winking smile

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