Review : Eternal Legacy HD (iPhone/iPad) : If Final Fantasy 13 was a Bad Dreamcast Game

Where should I go? Follow the big blue arrow to the guy with the icon over his head?That’s it. That’s the short version. Final Fantasy 13. On a Dreamcast. As produced by Cheapest Hong Kong Bidder. In HD!

Honestly, that’s about all I have to say about that. If you don’t understand that reference, you should not even consider this game for purchase. Ever. At any price. Don’t bother with the time to download it if it goes free.
If you are looking for a deep, strategic combat system, tons of loot, or interesting level-up mechanics, walk away now. Give it a shot if you can pick it up as a freebie or you just gotta have a fix of JPRG.

Eternal Legacy is pretty, but soulless. You can skip the cut scenes. You walk down a corridor and fight stuff by tapping the screen (the iPhone equivalent of ‘hitting X’) over and over again to queue up commands in a timed turn based combat system. It’s a painfully generic Final Fantasy 13 knock off on the iPhone. Interested? If you’ve read this far, get it on sale for a buck or two.

Thanks Lusty, now I feel bad. Sniff.Okay, that covers all the 'Norms’. It just just us now. The ones intrigued by that title up there; The truly sick; The Atlus and Nippon Ichi fans; The Sega RPG fans; Those Past Hope; The Video Game Otaku. If you’re still with me… OMFG, Youhavegottoseethis trainwreck of plagiarized TERRIBLE! It’s like.. Final Fantasy 13… if it was a bad Dreamcast game… on an iPhone!  Mind Freak! You go buy!

Generic combat photo is generic.Taken as ‘Final Fantasy 13 If It Was A Bad Dreamcast Game On The iPhone’, Eternal Generic Title only has one real flaw keeping it from being a ‘Must Play Because I Hate Myself’ game: Generic Title. Eternal Legacy lacks a mad, frustrated, and/or incompetent visionary behind the helm. It is an adequate FF13 clone cobbled out by subcontracted labor. Nothing more. The laugh out loud voice work is just the ‘delicious’ sour cream frosting. There’s no challenge, no heart, and no unique gimmick. You should get it. Why?

Because Eternal Legacy is Final Fantasy 13 if it was bad Dreamcast game, but on the iPhone! Duh!

Besides, you’ve spend five times this much on games twice as bad Winking smile Share the love.

Eternal Legacy is available for iDevices running iOS 3.1.2 or later for $4.99.

Eternal Legacy HD is out for iPads running iOS 3.2 or later, also for $4.99.

Reviewer Rating: 3/5 Stars – Fair3star

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