Special Report : Sony to Pay Back Hacker Victims... With Death.

Well this came together a whole lot faster than I thought Open-mouthed smile 

Feast yer peepers on the all new:

Growing Up Otaku Special Report is a satirical news cartoon lampooning the information age.
This episode examines Sony's plan to ease the suffering of their security breach victims by helping their customers kill themselves.

. Because, ya know, Sony cares.

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  1. What the heck is wrong with you hackers. You already did it once, don't do it again. There are other websites like club penguin of piarets.

  2. LOL! You only want them to hit Club Penguin because you just got a PS3 ;)

    This show took a lot of work. I have spent weeks learning Adobe After Effects to get the intro and outro animations done. I really wanted to hurry up and get something complete before the depressing DCF stuff started up again.

    Turns out I finished about 2 hours before it did.

  3. Well at least you beat them. :)