State of the Homestead–May 2011

The Mrs. and I have been hit bad by the creeping crud. The good news is that it isn’t bronchitis again (I can’t believe I know how to spell that now Winking smile). We seem to have BG’s stomach flu from this weekend. The good news is that BG only had it for 2 days, so here’s hoping!

It’s looking a lot like BG is going to be returned to her parents in a few more months. So… there’s that. Guess I’ll… I dunno; Stick an Amazon search over there instead of a baby picture. Classy. Liz jokes that she’ll just be back in six months anyway, LOL.

Lots of changes here at GUO! I’ve really been trying to ‘step it up’ both in terms of content and style. I remember loving a site called Gone Gold back in the day. Sure, you went there for the news and articles, but every so often the guy who ran it, Rich LaPorte, would just kinda fireside chat. He was a police officer who got, IIRC, shot in the back. Gone Gold was his little side project to keep busy and reach out. Eventually things got too bad for him to continue, but it’s always been an inspiration. I miss the smaller, more personal Internet.

Oops! Tangent. Anyway, yeah, new stuff. I especially like the ‘related posts’ thing. Between the improvements, content generation, and sticking duct tape on the busted stuff, I might miss something in testing. Feel free to email or comment anywhere if you notice something busted. I’m also concerned about the site’s speed, so if its been getting slower, try to see what its stuck on loading and let me know. The iPad seems to be choking on those new share buttons, but Liz’s phone works okay.

Still doing Special Report. It’s a fun little show to make. Much less involved than Ask Grandpop. Being able to render it locally helps a lot, too. The last episode was a flop, but I saw it coming. No buzz worthy words in the title. “Playstation” and “iPhone” are much more popular YouTube searches than “identity theft”, LOL. Kind of a shame. I felt that one was particularly good, if a little long. It’s also interesting that SR is a VERY love-or-hate it kind of show. Interaction rate is high. According to the stats, if you use Twitter on a cell phone, you are just gonna HATE Special Report. Funny that!

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