US CDC Publishes Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan

579870-popcap-plants-versus-zombies-nEvery once in a great while, a hip young mind manages to worm its way through the mire of antiquated dinosaur bureaucrats in order to make a relevant voice heard. One such event occurred this week as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted what could have been a routine disaster preparation guide as Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.

The article is sprinkled with bloody good zombie pictures and the forward shows real knowledge and affection for the pop culture genre. It is a wonderful way of ‘tricking’ people into reading the usual information that so many of us would have rolled our eyes at reading again. With so much effort is spent in developing ‘edutainment’ for children, it is surprising that this tactic is seldom used for other demographics. Adults need to have their stodgy old lessons razzle-dazzled once in a while, too! “One gallon of water per person per day.” Yeah, yeah, I know. Put this fact in a ‘Zombie Survival Guide’? Ooo! I gotta remember that! Zombies, tee-hee.

As an added bonus, the viral phenomenon of social networking is spreading this information to a great many more people than would have otherwise consumed it. When learning is fun, everyone wants to do it. When it brings a smile, you want to share it. I know I wouldn’t have posted an article on “General Emergency Preparedness: 2011 edition”, yet here we are.

A tip of my brain to Ali S. Khan for bringing a little fun back to the things grown-ups need to study.

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