Yes, Sony and Playstation Network Were Hacked Again

sony_psn_condemnedPSN is once again down for “maintenance” as Sony puts another coat of paint on their screen door security. It seems there are two problems at the moment. The first involves the fact that anyone who has your email and birthdate can change you password. Obviously this is a bit of a problem as all that data was stolen in the first major Playstation Network hack. The second issue is that Sony’ website logons for PSN don’t seem to bother to check if the security token is valid.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer called the PSN hack "..a hiccup in the road to a network future."

Sony still refuses to address the underlying problems.

Time to go back to the list of things to do.


  1. Dear PSN,
    I am a customer and I am not happy. Fix the (****)ing problem. stop upgrading the system and fix the (beeping) firewall! Thank you!

    I hate you!

  2. Sorry about that. I am just angry that it keeps getting hack!!

  3. I feel for ya, man! It was a nice system when it worked ;)

    Fact is, Sony has a big, red target on them at the moment.