Achievement Awarded : Built Baby’s First Bike

It’s nice that I’m getting all this last minute parenting stuff done before BG moves! Just finished off putting together a big wheel for her 2nd birthday. I’ll try to remember to grab some video this weekend. In the meantime, here’s  a brief conversation with BG from last night just before bath time:

“Happy, happy, happy.”

“Is Chloe happy?”

“No. Pa-Pa happy?”

“Yes, Pop-Pop is happy.”

“Pa-Pa happy,” points to me, “Then Chloe happy,” points to herself.

It’s amazing. Her vocabulary seems to double every week for the past couple months. Chokes me up just reading that, LOL. Yesterday at school they told her she had all the juice she could for the day. Chloe’s response? “Bye-Bye, juice. See you tomorrow.”

Edit: Just got a call from Baby1’s Grandma. Cami apparently used a “danger keyword” when talking to her on the phone. Here comes another round of DCF/CPS rigmarole. Been a “DCF week” since last Friday. Not supposed to be a DCF week. Grr. Hopefully it is gonna be a 4-year old version of trouble, ie. Didn’t get strawberry milk for a week and had to drink white milk.

Edit 2: Seems everything got blown out of proportions, as usual. Sarah had been standing up Cami’s grandmother all month for visitation. Grandma got pissed and, rightly, decided to make a stink. Could have done without all the crazy made-up crap, tho.

I asked Chloe again tonight if she was happy. “No,” she said. “Chloe.”

Funny joke

Edit 3: BG has the squirts. Feels like it’s been too long since I’ve mentioned baby poop.

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