Growing Up Otaku Digest : May 2011

And thus concludes May Sweeps Winking smile Miss something cool in the whirlwind of Quality Blogging™? That’s why the GUO Digest is here!

We had a TON of homegrown videos in May, including the re-launch of Special Report!

Special Report: Sony to Pay Back Hacker Victims, Modern Warfare 3 Details, Protecting Yourself from Hackers, Miku Coming to America, and Hulu on TiVo (featuring the first time I had a character WALK)

I also accidentally launched the Versus series of video rants with Grandpop vs 3D. It would be followed up with Grandpop vs Google Wallet and the painfully titled Star Trek vs History Channel Memorial Day Schedule.

No list is complete without the mashup of bin Laden and Streisand, Osama bin Meta.

Finally two baby vids round out the multimedia onslaught with BG vs Marriage and Candy Bunny Tuck-in.

EGADS! Really? Wow. Even I’m kinda surprised there. Be glad I don’t have Vocaloid Winking smile

Even had some reviews (of wildly varying quality) this month:

Imaginary Range HD Review–The eComic You’ve Been Waiting For

Review: Road Blaster HD (iOS/iPad): A Treat for Anime Fans and Retro Gamers

Noir in the First Person (Lady in the Lake, movie, 1946)

Review : Eternal Legacy HD (iPhone/iPad) : If Final Fantasy 13 was a Bad Dreamcast Game

Review : i3D (iPhone/iPad) : Glasses Free 3D for Free to Thee

Review : F-Sim Space Shuttle (iOS) : Land Endeavour on Your iPhone

There wasn’t really supposed to be that many reviews, but I hated playing F-Sim so much, I just kept reviewing other crap so I could put it off. F-Sim was the first game I actually bought for the express purpose of writing an article. Guess I learned my lesson there!

Obviously, the big news through May was the PSN hack. Sony’s lax security coupled with the PR nightmare of suing firmware hackers created an Internet flash mob of hackery the likes of which had never been seen before. I wrote about it a lot and everything I wrote was lapped up by furious, bored gamers hungry for any news on the status of PSN. Personally, I like the 5 Evil Things To Do list and, of course, the story that cost me my AdSense account: Sony Buying Google Ads for Playstation Network PSN Down Time Notification?

Google officially unveiled the Chromebook. My thoughts? Too late, too expensive.

Library of Congress Launches Free National Jukebox Online and it is awesome.

I attempted to compile a list of ways to see shuttle launches live on mobile devices.

Qwiki is a Wiki from the future and I go nuts linking it.

I publicly spat on Sony’s Welcome Back offer.

The CDC publishes their guide for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

 Hulu Plus Coming To TiVo : It’s Just Like TV… But On Your TV! So meta…

In spite of it all, Godzilla: Final Wars is still a must see!

After 15 years of developmental hell and the standard joke about vaporware, Duke Nukem Forever went gold. To think, all it took was the complete bankruptcy of the developers to make it happen…

You’d think is would be so easy to segueway from Duke Nukem to Pink Pork. It is. It’s a little less easy to do with while maintaining a PG rating. however.

E3 2011 is coming next week and I predict Sony is gonna have one hard go of it.

THIS is how you rant in the multimedia era!

…and that’s our highlight reel from May 2011. You can always check out everything on GUO using the Blog Archive located at the bottom of the sidebar. Thank you for reading.

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