Nintendo Reads Wii's Obituary :

RIP Link“Let's see, Sega had Mario and Sonic Go Back to the Olympics Again, Ubisoft had Just Dance 3 and I think that's pretty much the complete list of third-party Wii titles on the E3 show floor. Practically the only games that software makers are producing on Nintendo's aging platform are B-team licensed titles; the days of arthouse motion games like Okami and MadWorld are well and over.

Nintendo itself showcased a handful of high-quality games like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby and the truly fantastic Rhythm Heaven, but three games can't carry Wii until the launch of Wii U sometime in 2012. We hope Nintendo of America at least will not pass on releasing the excellent Japanese RPGs Xenoblade and The Last Story in America, but with the U.S. branch's spotty release record, who can say?—Chris Kohler”

from’s Top 10 Revelations That Rocked E3 2011

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