Quite a week. Been trying to keep up with the E3 news, but BG is home for the rest of the week. It’s nice to have her home without being sick! Also, close enough to Mission Accomplished. The first 2 days is all the big, new stuff. It’ll be a week before the interesting indie stuff starts to bubble to the surface.

DCF court stuff this week, too. You remember those! That’s where everyone gets a wound up, nothing ever changes, and we go back to living on borrowed time for another 3 months until the next court date. It has been the same story for… 3 years now. LOL. Don’t know why I still get worked up.

And F U Google, you owe me $3.50. This is pop culture, everything here is linking to a commercial.

Elizabeth busted me “not having the E3 spirit”. Other than the Wii 2, I’m just not feeling the magic pixie dust this year.

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