Random Thoughts on Sony at E3 2011

Got to this party late. Fanboy vs. Father and all that. Now watching in 3 separate timelines. Woooooo. All this is mostly just for the Mrs. anyway Winking smile

Satisfactory handling of PSN hack issue. Only a little giggling.

Uncharted is awesome. Duh. Not been mentioning most of the ‘duh’ moments. Like ‘new Ass. Creed/Halo/CoD game rocks; Looks just like last one’. Duh.

Lots of non-playable, coming in 2012 games this year.

A FPS shooter MMO interfaced with Eve Online at the same time? Pfft! They better not hype that one too much. If they manage to get all that crap working, it is going to take another year (at least) to meet expectations.

Really teasing the NGP.

Good idea! Make console gamers buy a dedicated monitor. Why not? $500 too much tho. Sony is always good at pricing themselves at the edge of the market.

NGP is now called Playstation Vita. Been rumored.

LOL!!!! Vita needed the fastest mobile network, so we partnered with… … AT&T. LOLLLOLOLOL01!

Who wants to go link all their social networking accounts to the PSN right now? Anyone?

That’s one amazing screen on Vita for them to be filming right off of it so well. Can’t be production model. Still impressive for such a small screen. Might be OLED. Liz’s Samsung Android phone looks pretty amazing. Still not that good tho.

So… Mod Nation Racers is not the same as Mod Nation Racers on PS3 or PSP. WTF! Get a new name then. Also, looks like the same game to me.

Touchscreen controls seem bolted on by the game code as Move controller.

Vita is $250 wifi/$300 3G?! Score.

Ya know, Vita is the only Sony device they didn’t pimp/support 3D.

Short show for Sony. No sales numbers. First show they didn’t mention the PS2.

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