Scenes from Chloe’s 2nd Birthday

First Big Wheel and Epic Cupcake eating!

BG’s birthday is Thursday, but the Mrs and I decided to get a jump on things this weekend. I just stapled together the raw footage I grabbed from the day. Wanted to get some video of her playing in the hose and baby pool, but BG reminded me that I needed to put the iPad away after I nearly sprayed it with the hose ;)

It's kinda long with no frills or any really exceptional scenes, so feel free to skip around.

I also uploaded a bunch of backlogged baby photos. You can check them out here.

PS: I REALLY cannot stand Picasa’s desktop client anymore!


  1. She really likes that big wheel. Did you buy it or did you build it?

  2. Bought a kit and put it together. Piece of cake ;)

    I can't make my own plastic.
    Grandpop needs a 3D printer for Xmas!