Virtual Idol Takeover Continues : AKB48’s Newest Member is CG

akb48 virtual idolANN is reporting that the newest member of the Japanese pop group AKB48 will be a virtual idol. Aimi Eguchi is a composite of six real-world AKB48 members' faces with the voice of an intern. AKB48 currently has 58 members in 4 teams.

Eguchi stars in a 15-second commercial for Ezaki Glico's Ice no Mi sweet. You can view it at Glico's website here as well as the making-of video.

To think that people complained about celebrities creating an impossible image to live up to before! Now we can combine celebrities or just whip them up from scratch. Seriously, who looks through the AKB48 roster and says, “Ya know, there just isn’t one here I like. Let’s Frankenstein up a new one.”

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