Toyota’s Whitewashing of Hatsune Miku

No arguments, no pampering, no special needs, no embarrassing tabloid stories. The reasons for corporations to switch from people to programs as spokes models are legion. Here is one more:

hatsune-miku-hatsune-miku-9093307-1000-1000What if your spokes person in a little too young for your target demographic? What about being a little too ‘ethnic’ for your regional advertising exec’s taste? In the olden days, you would acknowledge someone made a mistake and you’d grab yourself a new celeb. In the 21st century, you just change you virtual idol. Square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole? Just trim off the corners and get a bigger hammer. She’ll fit eventually!

Here is the Miku that set Japan on fire:


…and here we have some images Toyota was proud enough of to post on their website and Facebook pages. This first one is the banner on

And this one is is a “special collectors edition print of Hatsune Miku” being offered with select magazines:

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