Adult Ausie Gamers Rejoice! R18+ Game Rating Coming!

Australians have had it bad when it comes for “mature” content in video games. With a government mandated rating system and the lack of a “adult” rating, such as the ESRB’s M rating in the US or PEGI 18 in the UK, games with violent or sexual content that was excessive by Australia's 15+ rating were denied classification and could not be sold in the country. Over the years this has led to an extraordinary number of titles that ended up “banned” in the country due to the fact that there was no rating to give them.

Those days may finally be coming to an end as ABC News is reporting that state and federal governments have finally, after lengthy debate, agreed to institute a R18+ ratings category for video games. This will surely come as welcome news not just to gamers, but game makers as well. Previously publishers had to overhaul titles to vast degrees in order to pass as a 15+ rated game. One such recent notable situation occurred with Valve’s zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2, which had not only its gore removed, but entire gameplay mechanics and enemy types.

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