Crowdsourcing Racism: Open Call to Redesign Hatsune Miku for America

AM MikuToyota has already taken a stab at whitewashing the synthetic Japanese pop star, now Miku’s managers and the San Francisco J-Pop Summit Festival 2011 wants the Internet to take a shot at it.

In an amazing twist of logic, San Francisco Japantown is running a contest for netizens to submit their own art for a redesigned version of Hatsune Miku for use on Japantown’s street-banner and merchandise using the theme… “Hope for Japan’s Recovery.”

The contest is sponsored by Piapro, a web site created by Crypton Future Media, developer of the Miku Vocaliod. Piapro was setup by Crypton in order to skirt Japanese copyright laws and automatically grants the use of all uploaded content to Crypton Future Media. Piapro’s site is entirely in Japanese and the official contest rules refer interested parties to a fan created YouTube video for completing registration. Classy…

The grand prize “winner” will get a round trip ticket to San Francisco, loss of all rights to their creation, and will probably end up on the short list of people to call for Photoshopping renaissance art books to boost sales in the South America.

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