Deep Breath In… and Say “Super Cute Ice Cream Cake Hello Kitty Hard Cover for iPhone 4”

SuperCuteIceCreamCakeHelloKittyHardCoverforiPhone4Yes, the “Super Cute Ice Cream Cake Hello Kitty Hard Cover for iPhone 4” is actually listed as the “Super Cute Ice Cream Cake Hello Kitty Hard Cover for iPhone 4”. Just kinda rolls off the tongue. Marketing is proud.

It’s easy to see how some folks would want to add a little razzle-dazzle to the monolithic black slab of an iPhone. Rather than forcing those people to sit, Clockwork Orange style, through Steve Jobs lecturing on the beautiful metal band around the edge (which you MUST NEVER TOUCH lest it drop your call), perhaps they might fancy the SCICCHKHC4I4 That wasn’t any easier to type Sad smile.

…And, really, what more is there to say? It’s super cute, made of hard plastic, has Hello Kitty, looks like an ice cream cake, and fits the iPhone 4. Maybe the fact that all of those super cute bumps an baubles are guaranteed to wreak havoc on your pockets, purses,  paws, and posteriors? What’s a little stigmata compared the joy of putting a super cute Hello Kitty faux ice cream cake hard cover on your iPhone 4?

Surprisingly lacking in the product name is the fact you can get this from SourceSquare for $20.


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