Domestic Domesticism

The Mrs. brought BG home early today. It seems BG popped a 102 degree temp at pre-school today. She's been hacking some since she came home from visitation. Of course, with an asthmatic baby, she's always hacking some. Her temp was fine this morning (we check A LOT), but I should have known something was up. She was far too agreeable ;) We spent darn near 3 hours driving to and fro this evening getting the baby inspected and medicated.

Tomorrow's gonna be quite an adventure! Gonna have to get the Mrs. back and forth for her blood treatment with a sick two year old riding shotgun. Then there's the gal's busted immune system to worry about all weekend. Ah, the unsung trials of being a domestic hero. Well... not unsung here. My domestic chaos is the very foundation of Growing Up Otaku, LOL.

Speaking of growing up geeky, BG has taken a shine to a beach towel and has been toting it with her whenever we go out. I'm pretty sure she knows something I don't. Something involving Vogons bulldozing Earth ;)

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