EA vs. Valve’s Steam : Round 2 : Dragon Age 2 Pulled from Store

ea-vs-steam-300x112In round 2, Dragon Age 2 has been removed from Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam. While neither of the big boys have had a chance to comment yet, the removal coincides with the release of the Dragon Age 2: Legacy expansion pack.
Dragon Age 2 is still available via Direct2Drive, GamersGate (in the UK or US for Mac), and EA’s own digital shop, Origin.

Once again these two companies clash over control of your information. Gamers stomp, whine and “suffer” about not getting their way completely ignorant of the real stakes on the line as we steam headlong into the era of the “social” web.

For my full thoughts on this matter, as well as a crash course on the real economics of gathering and selling your personal information, check out EA vs. Steam : The Battle of Crysis 2 - The War to Sell You, The Latest Company to Sell Off Your Personal Information? Your Bank, as well as Zynga and Facebook. 

Dragon Age 2: Legacy: $10. Locking you in to a real time demographics engine? Priceless.

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