Free MMO Sid Meier’s Civ World takes over Facebook

Sid Meier, developer of such games as the Civilization series, Alpha Centauri, and Colonization has done it again with Civ World.  This time he is branching his outstanding series of Civilization games into Facebook’s Social media network.  Unlike most Facebook games, this one can be won!  While most Facebook games simply have a ranking based upon the player’s experience, Civ World will grant the player Fame points which are earned by completing various objectives.  This will determine the ranking of the player against the 99 other players in each game. Like other Civ titles, you can expect Civ World to take many days to finish a single game.

I have to say that this is probably the most intricate Facebook game available.  It actually incorporates all of the elements of the Civilization series.  You can expect to grow food to increase population and to allocate that population to produce more farming, production, science, money and culture.  Each of these can also be earned through mini-games played against other players. Armies can be produced, or bought in the game’s variable trading economy.  Wars can be waged against other independent players, or against alliances of players playing together as one of the Civilization nations.

If this game didn’t suffer from the crippling slowness due to playing through Adobe Flash, I might think that this is Firaxis’ new full price MMO Civ game. However, it’s completely free unless you want to partake in the micro-transaction scheme so familiar to other Facebook games.  I’m sure that Sid Meier is greedily rubbing his hands together knowing that you can eventually spend thousands of dollars to get an advantage over your fellow players, not just a measly one time purchase of $60. Well done, Mr. Meier - finally a Facebook game that blows away the Farmville and Mafia Wars clones.

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