iPhone / iPad Security Exploit Allows Full Admin Access

With the current rush of malware in the Android store, Apple users have had one more reason to gloat. Until today.

ReadWriteWeb is reporting that the German Federal Office for Information Security has discovered an exploit using a vulnerability in Adobe’s PDF reader system that will give the attacker administrative rights to the device in question allowing access, removal, or insertion of all data. This is the same exploit used to deploy the recently released web based jailbreak for iOS 4.3.3.

Apple has yet to either respond or issue a security update for this flaw. However, there is one place you CAN get a patch to fix this. Where? You sitting down?


Yep, the unofficial app store available only to those who jailbreak their iOS devices can already download a free patch to fix this problem. Proof yet again that MILLIONS of fans laboring out of love in their spare time can create a more secure system than a small team of developers working 8 hours a day. Duh. Just ask any Linux fanboy.

What flavor is the Kool-Aid today, Apple faithful? My money is on sour apple.

*Update 7/15/2011: Apple has issued a fix iOS 4.3.4

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