Just back from a second round of pediatric visits. Pediatric's office is now using iPad 2s with capacitive pens. Cool stuff!

BG has bronchitis. Egad, I've written bronchitis so many times on this blog that I spell it right now!  You ever live with a toddler on steroids? Imagine if you had a Klingon with a tribble stuck up its ass as a roommate...

Fun Fact: Klingon is in Chrome's spell checker. LOL. Google nerds...


  1. 16,000 people like this? 532 tweets? Huh?! How'd you do that?

  2. Know your audience and always be ready to learn.

    LOL! No, this is a bug in the button counter. This post is and as such gets lumped in with every other post across the 'Net ;)

  3. I imagine a toddler on steroids is like my baby boy was when we gave him Sudafed only to realize it made super hyper. Those were the days!

  4. I messed up my comment. Whoops! Busy weekend.

    Anyway, meant to say post is untitled and lumped in with all other untitled posts.