Onlive Online Gaming with a $150 Netbook using WiFi : Consoles? We Don’t Need No Stinking Consoles! is back with a second look at the Onlive cloud based video gaming service. In the last video we looked at how Onlive worked using the hardware designed by and for the Onlive service. Today we roll our own!

Gape in as we as we take a 4 year old Eee-PC 900 netbook and attempt to run the games Split/Second, Red Faction: Guerilla, and, current PC benchmarking darling, Metro 2033.

Is it possible to replace $300 video game consoles and $800+ ‘Gaming PCs’ with some old piece of junk lying around? Join us on our lulzy quest to find out!

An extended look at Metro 2033 on this same system can be found here:

Our unboxing and demo of the Onlive Micro Console is here:

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