State of the Blog Address 7/8/2011

computer-fireIt’s dark and rainy here. Again. The perfect day for a little fireside chat!

I'm late on getting the new GUO Digest up. I'm a little disappointed in the content from last month, so it's kinda depressing to sift through.

Virtual Idol week sure was fun though! I don't know what to make of this phenomenon. Is it art? Marketing? Are they not the same? Is it okay to change the art per region? What about the legion of artists and technicians that make every Idol function? Is this the next big thing or Funky Japanese Fad #63? I sure don't have the answers. Love it, hate it, or ignore it, I still think it is a fascinating phenomenon to watch! Sci-Fi (SyFy?) is Today!

Special Report? Eh, we'll see. I have a nice little meta-story mapped out (and some bits of video ready to roll), but there really hadn't been a topic I felt like ranting on enough to do the whole production. That show takes a lot of work and YouTubers really hate it. Probably something to do with bringing in fans of a topic and then kicking them ;) The Online Security show is easily my favorite, but it never got the hits :( It's a hard sell via search engine. I still adore the character of ryte2byte even though this is the second show he's running into the ground.

A big, new video project coming soon. Not a good one, just a big one ;) Humility is a virtue.

Blogger will be changing its name (and who knows what else) to Google Blogs sometime in the next couple of months. GUO is currently powered by The Big G (not that it got me a Google+ invite!), so if we wink out of existence one day... Well, I keep backups :)

The site really has become a tremendous amount of work as I've refined my skills and attempted to elevate GUO to some semblance of... Professionalism seems like the wrong word. Well, maybe it's the right word in terms of Internet journalism. I'd hire a promoter (or buy ads?) if the damn thing ever made any money. You still owe me $3.50 Google! Still, a writer writes, right? Could use another writer for that matter...

Don't mistake that last paragraph as complaining! I love doing this, and I hope it shows. I am very proud of what I have built here. When I see people enjoying a post I spent three hours polishing, I stride around the house cleaning baby messes with a big goofy grin feeling like I'm Mark Zuckerberg :-D It's just that there are SO... MANY... PROJECTS I want to try.

Didja read that EA vs. Steam article? That's not just another video game article, but a little insight into how the business of the web is changing.

Also, don't forget about those sharing buttons when you see something good! Thanks how I make my money fame ego. Ye ol' Blogosphere has a saying: "Sharing is Caring". While the big boys are off selling your private info to the highest bidders, us little fish deal in the currency of clicks, shares, and pageviews.

Thanks for reading!
I love you, Mom :)

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