The Video Game Console of Tomorrow is No Console at All

It has been a big day for game news here at GUO! If you look over our content today, you can’t help but come to one conclusion: The days of a dedicated video game system are numbered. When Call of Duty becomes the biggest entertainment launch in history and then breaks that record the following year, you know that gaming has arrived as the medium people want to spend their leisure time with. Zynga’s numbers don’t lie. Games are a multi-billion dollar, world wide industry and everyone is going after a piece of it. Content is King, and now content is everywhere.

Advances in in miniaturization and computer technology has given us the ability to put small, low power, blazing fast processors in everything from televisions to telephones. WiFi and cellular service allows cordless, hassle free connections to the Internet. When playing high end video games is as easy as changing a channel and your cell phone plays World of Warcraft styled MMOs, why even consider spending $300+ on yet another power guzzling box with more cables?

Sure, dedicated console systems will hang around for a while, fueled by hit franchises and fanboy fervor. Eventually they will be relegated to the ‘hardcore’ niche, much like what has happened with the ‘hardcore’ PC gaming crowd. Once that happens, Sony and Microsoft will likely notice that the billions of dollars it takes to design and produce these machines simply cannot be recouped by a niche audience. They’ll drop out of the hardware market and Xbox Live will become just another icon on your television between Gameloft and Netflix.

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