Watch the Final Space Shuttle Launch Anywhere

Atlantis is scheduled to make history as the final launch of the 30 year long Space Shuttle program July 9, 2011 at 11:26 a.m. EDT. It’s probably going to be rescheduled due to "a lot of nuisance weather," but I wanted to have this information ready to go for anyone who may need it.

If the shuttle is delayed past Sunday, NASA states that the launch will be reschedule for July 16.

NASA TV is live right now (7/8 8:30AM EST), but I don’t think we’ll being seeing a launch today. I’m on the other coast, but the weather is terrible.

*edit* Shows what I know! Atlantis is GO for launch!
Here’s a list of ways for you to watch from your device of choice:

  • Using a PC? Your golden! Just head on over to the NASA TV web site.
  • iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 3.0 or better users can grab the free NASA App from iTunes.
  • iPads running iOS 3.2 or higher can use the NASA App HD. It is free in the iTunes store.
  • Android users are gonna be hit or miss. NASA’s new service for Android is fresh out of beta. Fire up your browsers and head over to There should be a "Watch NASA TV Live" link at the top. More details are available on NASA’s blog.
  • Blackberry users may be able to get around the “Unrecognized browser” error using this link.
  • will be airing the launch live via Ustream. Although most of the footage will be the same on all sites, Ustream offers an HD view, which, for this momentous event, could be a definite advantage. Ustream app is free in iTunes or Android Market(

Know of another way? Drop a line in the comments.

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