Well, here I am again mooching off of hospital wifi. At least the iPad has a netbook sized keyboard on it! Don't worry, this is all according to plan. We are here for the first of The Mrs's blood treatments. We've been here an hour and they haven't even started yet. Fun times...

To add insult to injury (strike that, reverse it), I twisted/tore my back yesterday taking BG out of the car, was flu-ish sick by night, and couldn't sleep... Fun times.

iPad autocomplete/autocorrect sure is better than The Pod. They just started! Let the good drugs flow!

*edit 10:30am. Ugh, blogging on an iPad... In a smoke free hospital zone. Just...ugh.

*edit 12:00. Home again! 4+hrs. No Tea. No cigs. Numb butt. Done. At least until next Friday. Only 7 more weeks to go... The Mrs. is doing fine, but knocked out from the IV benadryl. Gettin' her fed and napped. No complications for a change!

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