The Return of Baby-Boo

BG is finally back after an extra long, 5 day visit with her parents. Man, is she every color of the Sybil rainbow! I’ve also really got my work cut out for me getting her hair washed tonight. Looks like DCF has put off her next court date for an extra month, too. Egad. I love living on hold…

2011-08-03 17.01.54*edit* I had to share this pic of Chloe coming home. I thought I had seen everything BG was capable of, but this was new. Liz found her at school just staring at a bookcase. Usually she’s leading the class, singing and dancing.

She’s young. She’ll come to terms. Of course she wouldn’t need to if either the state or her parents had gotten their asses in gear and finished this 6 months ago.

I’m not young. I wont come to terms with it.

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