Deal : Deus Ex Human Revolution Sale (Windows) $35, Collector’s Edition $42

While not all of the hype around the launch of the new Deus Ex has been game related, you just can’t argue with a game sittin’ pretty atop a 89 Metacritic score with an average 9.2 user rating. It seems that after 10 years and a disappointing sequel THAT NEVER HAPPENED, Deus Ex finally has another game worthy of its legacy.

Being the die hard Deus Ex fanboy that I am, I’m heading on over to get this one myself, but just wanted to pass the word along on the best deal I could find. is offering a great deal on the digital copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Windows. The standard version is $34.99 (down from $50) while the “Augmented Edition” is $41.99 (down from $60). The Augmented Edition includes downloadable copies of an art book, making of video, motion comic, animated storyboards, and the soundtrack. Both versions will also score you the Amazon Tactical bonus pack DLC which unlocks a double barrel shotgun and silenced sniper rifle.

All copies of Deus Ex Human Revolution are Steam games so you’ll just be able to plug the key into your existing Steam account.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Sale on


  1. Good, It's about time. I know that you have been following that series for a decade or more...

  2. Yeah, first new game I've picked up for a long time. I had been going nuts to avoid spoilers on this one. I've played the first hour or so and its looking really good. They went out of their way to cater to the PC crowd for a change! Even has DX11 effects!

    The biggest flashback moment has to be the music. It is pitch-perfect Deus Ex. I still play the first one again every year, so having the music hit so close to home just gave me goosebumps.