Deal? : HP Touchpad on for $380

You remember when the first iPad was announced and people couldn’t figure out why anyone would want a 10” version of a phone that didn’t include a phone? Apple developers quickly put that thought to bed with apps redesigned for use on tablets. But what if you wanted that original concept? What if you really had your heart set on a 10” smartphone that couldn’t make phone calls? And what if… What if you could get a tablet with a FAILED smartphone OS in it? How obscure! How elite! How geek chic! Enter the HP Touchpad featuring Palm’s webOS 3.0!
HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB 9.7" Tablet - BlackDeal of the day website,, has the ill fated HP Touchpad up for grabbies today for the reasonable price of $380 + $5 shipping. Mind you, this is no cheap, 1st generation tablet either! This 9.7” screen is capacitive and behind the glass you’ll find 16GB of storage, a 1.2ghz dual core CPU, and the usual suite of WiFi, Bluetooth, and cameras.
…or you could spend $20 more and grab the Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet. Ya know, just in case you wanted apps.

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