Diablo 3 News: Always Requires Internet, Cannot be Modded, Has User Run Micro Transactions

bobby-kotick-money-bagsActivision/Blizzard has dropped a big, messy fistful of bombs about Diablo III. I think its safe to say that you’re not gonna like ‘em.

First of all, everyone’s favorite form of copy protection “Requires an always-on Internet connection” is back. Diablo 3 cannot be played offline at all. Similar to Starcraft, Diablo will need to be in constant contact with Battle.Net for the game to function, even if you are playing solo. Blizzard states that this is to prevent cheating as well as piracy. All of this anti-cheating leads us to the second big revelation:

Citing “a variety of gameplay and security reasons,” Diablo 3 will not support end user modifications of any kind. Everything from biggies like bots or item balance to tiny stuff like the font will be under lock and key and strictly enforced using the afore mentioned Battle.Net connection. Why? Well, to ensure the constant flow of money via micro transactions.

Yes, Diablo 3 is getting in-app purchases. However, it is being implemented in a way never seen before-Players will be running the store. I’m not sure if this is lazy, crazy, or revolutionary, but Diablo 3 will allow players to post items they’ve found to an in-game marketplace for real money. Acti-Bizzard will, of course, charge you a flat fee for every item listed as well as another fee for every item you sell.

There you go! PC Gamer brings us this news courtesy of a special event Blizzard invited them out to. Want to know more? Yeah, neither do I. Time to point my “always-on” Internet connection over to Amazon and cancel me some pre-order. Anyone up for Torchlight?

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