Free Browser Game ‘No Longer Subject to Judicial Review’ Farms Out Justice to the Internet

“Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in one of the most far-reaching shake-ups of this country's legal system since it was originally devised.”

judicial review gameThus begins No Longer Subject to Judicial Review, the new browser game from Giant Bear Tracks. The Prime Minister has decided that he’s sick of hearing folks whine about ‘guilty’ people walking free and has concocted the brilliant scheme of letting the masses pass judgment directly. You have been enlisted to participate in this first wave of mob justice.

Armed with a handful of articles from the mass media, it is your task to assemble clues and sentence the killer. No Longer Subject to Judicial Review features multiple endings. It is a short game, with only a single case at the moment. Armchair detectives and fans of interactive fiction should head on over and give it a try.

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