Free Rice: Play a Trivia Game, Feed The World is certainly not a new site, but I haven't seen it mentioned for a while. With casual online gaming at all new heights, and millions of people still hungry, it seems as good a time as any to bring it back up.

freeRiceFree Rice is a browser trivia game where you answer questions from the fields of math, English, geography, chemistry, the arts, or even foreign language learning. The goal is to progress through 60 increasingly difficult levels while gaining grains of rice for correct answers as well as a bonus for consecutive correct answers. The game is a fantastic educational tool and the ‘score attack’ nature and the inclusion of a friends list makes it fun to play against others.

The twist is that all that rice you gain is not merely a score indicator. For each grain of virtual rice you accrue, a real grain of rice is donated to World Food Programme, the world’s largest organization fighting hunger. To date, FreeRice has donated 91 billion grains of rice. Next time your bored at work, please think about giving Free Rice a shot. It’s more fun to make real rice than farm virtual rice and you just might learn something!