From the Makers of WWII - World of Tanks Now an Official eSport in Europe

Yes, the ESL (European Sporting League) has picked up the free-to-play online game World of Tanks as a competitive sport.  The ESL is offering 18,000 worth of prize money in their first W.O.T. Battle.  Players will compete in 2 teams of 7 each to find out who are the best tankers.  One team takes home 250 Euros per week, with the top 8 teams taking points for the 1,050 Monthly final.  That’s about $1500USD for the monthly prize.  With the first cup starting on Sunday, Aug 7th, it’s not too late to get some friends together and conquer Europe!
Here’s the interesting part: the game rules.   All Premium tanks, ammo, and consumables are allowed.  So we can forget about a free tank being a challenge with the premium stuff available. Tier 8 max for tanks, Tier 5 max for artillery.  That’s interesting - no super-heavy tanks or heavy artillery.  Max Tier points per team of 7 is 42 points.  So it looks like teams have to choose a mix of heavy, medium, and light tanks.  Tanks of different nations can be on the same team but I’m sure there’s going to be some all German or Russian teams out there because history does repeat itself.

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