Growing Up Otaku Digest : July 2011

guoAvatarGUO Digest is a monthly look back at some of our great content as we endeavor to bring you news, reviews, deals, and commentary from all corners of the gloriously geeky kingdom known as Internet.

It’s time to set the Wayback Machine to July 1 and take a quick look at the month that was. I’m still trying to figure out the best format for this month long wrap-up, or if it’s even worth the effort. It’s a little tough to experiment with a column you write once a month. Have a thought on the matter? Let us know in the comments or via email.

Before we get started, let me point out two deals that are still running through August 8. Both are for charity. The Humble Bundle lets you name your own price for 5 games to help the EEF and Child’s Play. There is also a Miku figure to aid relief efforts in Japan. Again, these are for charity so even if you’re not interested, please share with anyone you think may be.

The biggest news on the site this month simply has to be the addition of our new writer, The Great One. He made his debut with the first details of the new Spider Man Movie and continued with looks inside the biggest free-to-play online games going: World of Tanks, Need for Speed World, League of Legends, and Facebook’s Civ World.

…but it’s not all fun and games for The Great One! He let us know that Pluto has another moon and wrote a wonderfully comprehensive article on all the new spacecraft flying out of the US in the next few years.

Then he gallivanted around the world on MY credit card to bring you the answer to who hacked the Pentagon. Grrr. If I paid a salary, this would have come out of it. Who the hell spends $125 to dry clean sneakers!

Madoka madness continued its iron fisted, yet frilly, stranglehold on the GUO staff! We looked at several pieces of merchandise from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica including the Charlotte the Dessert Witch plushie, figures of all varieties, and I reviewed the God awful Mahou Shoujo Kazumi Magica manga. I also might have remixed the ending to the anime a little.

Speaking of anime, I wrote up a review of the first season of Deadman Wonderland.

So what is a Vocaloid? Is it an artist? Art? Logo? Not content with dominating Virtual Idol Week in June, GUO once again examines the questions no one else is asking as the Hatsune Miku continues its attempt global domination. Disturbed by the actions of Crypton Media’s call to redesign Miku for America we tell you how to make your own Vocal-alike for free.

Watching unfeeling megalithic companies slinging mud is always fun! It’s just a shame that the prize is theft of your privacy. When EA battles Valve or your bank sells your buying habits we are the ones who lose.

I played some Onlive! Wanna see? Good, because I made videos! Starring me! Well, my hands anyway. Must have been that bit part ryte2byte let me have in Special Report that landed me the job. First I showed off the Onlive Micro Console. I then ran the PC version on the second gimpiest netbook known to man. Boy, was I impressed! How impressed? I made another video just showcasing the normally system crushing Metro 2033. I then pronounced the home video game console dead.

In other Jumping the Gun themed news, I also pronounced the Nintendo 3DS dead. Less than a week later it got original video content, a price cut, and 20 free games for early adopters. How’s that for timely!

Finally, I wrote a couple of general interest pieces: A tutorial on changing post tags in Blogger (soon to be Google Blogs) and an editorial I was particularly proud of about how the world changes called No Eulogy for Borders Books.


Whew, good enough! Here’s hoping all those links work. It’s not everything, but we published over 65 articles in July. The complete contents of GUO are available under The Archives section of the sidebar. There’s also a search box for the site over there if you, like the Mrs, just can’t get enough Madoka Magica Winking smile

A big thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your visit? Tell a friend or three! Here’s to another month of our snarky yet loving look at all the various colors of the otaku rainbow. On behalf of the entire cast over here at

Thanks for reading. We love you guys.


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