Growing Up Otaku Whole Heartedly Endorses This GeekDad Rant

GeekDad James Floyd Kelly took his first trip to the Mecca of pompous douchebags known as Apple Store. Guess what? It didn’t go very well. While the full article is certainly worth a read, it is the quote below that demands repeating:

“I’m writing this because I want companies (not just Apple) to realize that when geek dads decide to make a significant purchase, they’ve likely got the cash and done their homework. GeekDads are likely some of the best customers you’ll ever have — we tend to be vocal in our praise, loyal in our patronage, and generous with our sharing of our experiences with family, friends, and co-workers. But the flip side to that is this: When we’re not treated properly, we’re going to be vocal with our disappointment, likely to look for competitors who want our business, and we’ll tell everyone we know (via email, Facebook, face-to-face, and yes, even blogs) about it.”

Electronics retailers everywhere take notice: If you see someone in a Logitech t-shirt with bags under his eyes and a sippy cup in his pocket, you had better put your best foot forward.

…and the Ocedar scrubbing roll-away mop still sucks!

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