Happy Halo Fest!

In celebration of Microsoft's juggernaut of a first person shooter franchise, Halo Fest has opened its doors to the public at the PAX Prime gaming convention in Seattle. Major Nelson is there, of course; Wired has a list of the best merchandise to drop your credits on, and Game Informer has a batch of pics straight from the show floor.
The Halo Fest cake from this evening's bash. And yes, the entire thing was edible!
Did I mention the cake? Yeah, every last bit of that is nom-able!  For added geekery, know that this picture was taken by Wil Wheaton. No lie.

*Update: This just in from Halo Fest: Halo 4 will begin an all new trilogy of games! Dubbed “The Reclaimer Trilogy”, here’s the first details complements of Halo Waypoint:

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