“Leaked” PlayStation Vita Presentations Reveal Cross Game Chat, Gifting, Video Chat

vitaPDF5Examiner.com is reporting that a “leaked” PDF file has been “discovered” following a Sony keynote at the Develop conference in Brighton, U.K. The PDF file in question, entitled Building Community with Playstation Network, is a PowerPoint presentation from SCEE’s R&D team and reveals a number of tasty tidbits about Sony’s upcoming handheld, the Playstation Vita.


vitaPDF1Perhaps the biggest revelation in the document would be the inclusion of a feature Sony fans have been clamoring for on the PS3: Cross game chat. Using a “Party” system, users will have the ability to converse with each other by either voice or text regardless of the game being played.
Other topics touched on involve more community interaction via integrated blogs and social networks, connection modes, “gifting” a la Farmville, and the new LiveArea interface.

vitaPDF4A second PDF titled De Re PS Vita Coding was also discovered at the same time. The PS Vita Coding document details the technical specifications of the Vita as well as its control suite, development kits, graphic capabilities, and middleware partners. The big take-away for the layman from this document? Facial recognition and video chat!

Juicy, eh?

I did a little snooping of my own and, after a quick bit of Google-Fu, discovered that these presentations are freely available to the public directly from Sony Europe’s R&D web site. Other sites that claimed these were “leaked” documents include PS Groove, Playstiation Fans, PS3News, and Jailbreak Scene. Most featured copy/pasted text verbatim from the Examiner.com article.

You can download both of these documents directly from Sony. Shed a tear for “journalism” on your way past Winking smile

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