MAFIAA Fire Suite of Browser Add-Ons Circumvents Internet Censorship

Ah, Internet. What was once the open, world changing communications medium has, over the past couple years, come under fire from both money grubbing-global business and government agents seeking to either disrupt our new found freedom or twist it into their own surveillance network.

mafiaafireFortunately, there are many public movements attempting to stave off this growing trend. Today I want to feature once such group: MAFIAAFire. MAFIAAFire features a selection of easy to use browser utilities aimed at circumventing the growing trend of Internet censorship.

MAFIAAFire Redirector (Firefox, Chrome) was the first project released. It was created in reaction to the U.S. seizing Internet domains. This add-on redirects attempts to access seized site to its new location automatically.

MAFIAAFire Gee! No evil! (Firefox) was released to counter Google’s censorship. Released more out of principal than need, Gee! No evil! restores Google’s blacklisted words to autocomplete.

Finally, MAFIAAFire Slash Unblocker! (Firefox, Chrome) allows users submit and retrieve alternate links for video content that has been removed or is unavailable in your country.

You can get all of these add-ons direct from MAFIAAFire (mirror). Firefox versions are also available direct from Mozilla’s add-on catalog in direct opposition to the request of the U.S. government.

MAFIAAFire’s FAQ is also worth a read for anyone new to these issues. You can’t stop the signal.

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