New Miracle Cure For All Viruses Found

Recently a new broad-spectrum drug has been found that cures virtually any viral infection.  This discovery could rival the discovery of antibiotics and the effects on the world could be dramatic.  Imagine no more common cold, influenza, ebola,  herpes, papillomavirus, smallpox, hepatitis, SARS, rubella, HIV, measles, mumps, rabies and others.   Not only would this work on currently existing viruses but also on new outbreaks of viruses that don’t even exist yet. 

Researchers led by Dr. Todd Rider at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory have tested this cure on 15 different viruses in mice with no toxic side effects whatsoever.  Currently this cure is being referred to as DRACO for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizers.  Yeah, that’s a mouthful but what is basically means is that it seeks out double-stranded RNA (Shown on left, as opposed to DNA - Shown on right) only present in infected cells that viruses are using to replicate themselves and sends an order for that cell to self-terminate.  This process also limits the amount of drug resistance that can be formed and leaves all uninfected cells unharmed. What effect will this new cure have?  A significant amount of people die each year due to viruses, to have a cure would extend lifespan.  Children may not need the many vaccinations and immunizations that are required today.  Adults could see a change in their socializations without the fear of viral STD’s such as HIV, herpes, or hepatitis. Don't forget about all the productivity that would no longer be lost to the common cold and the flu. This could also possibly lower cancer rates thought to be caused by viruses such as Human Papillomavirus.  This is truly a new wonder drug that will have wide reaching effects on all humankind. 

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