OnLive PlayPack Subscription Now Includes 30% Off New Titles & Pre-orders

Cloud gaming service OnLive may be free, but it also has a $10 per month subscription offer that gets you access to over 70 of the 100ish titles on the service. This week, that deal just got a little sweeter. Here on out, PlayPack subscribers will also get a 30% price break on anything else OnLive offers: consoles, controller, newer games, or even pre-orders. You can even cancel anytime.
With new games costing $50 and some pre-order deals coming with free games or consoles, I don’t have to explain what a difference this can make to expanding your OnLive library. Get the details from 

In case you missed ‘em, here’s my video overviews of the both the OnLive micro console and PC service. OnLive is also available for Macs.

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