Free DLC for Online Shooter Brink (PC) on Steam for 2 Weeks

Are you one of the dozens of people misfortunate enough to have paid money for Bethesda’s bland, buggy Team Fortress clone Brink? Feel like dusting it off to play with a user community that can fit in a high school gym? Head on over to Steam and pick up your free DLC!

Brink: Agents of Change DLC adds 2 new maps, 5 new player abilities, 2 weapon attachments, and 2 new character outfits. Better hurry though! The Agents of Change DLC pack will only be free until August 17th. After the 17th it will cost $10 because, ya know, when your online shooter fails and has a small player base, it only makes sense to fracture it.

*Update* Steam is having a free play weekend for Brink. Now you can give it a try for yourself! The game is also on sale for… $25?  Um, did you Team Fortress 2 is free and you can name your own price for up to 12(!) games in the charity fundraising Humble Indie Bundle. Just sayin’…

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