Play in the Clay! Autodesk's 123D Sculpt for iPad Debuts for Free

Take that art!
123D Sculpt starts with you picking a basic shape from a library including everything from a simple cube to a car to a man. A toolbar on the left gives you the tools to push, pull, and smooth until your heart's content. Brush sizes and colors are selected at the bottom. Your sculpture is moved around in 3D space via all the standard iPad gestures; Pinch to zoom; 2-finger twist, etc.

Textures can be added to your future masterpiece via included stamps or finger painted on yourself. Can't find a stamp you like? Import one or use the camera on the iPad 2 to create a new one. Photos can even be color shifted before being applied. 

My forehead was born to texture alien zombies
Once you're done, pictures of your latest creation can be shared from within the app to the usual places like Twitter, Facebook, email, or even Dropbox. There's also an option to use a transparent background for all of your Photoshopping needs.

While there is no shortage of apps that allow you you paint or doodle on your iPad, this is the one of the few that allows you to sculpt and paint a fully 3D object. Even excluding the 3D object manipulation, 123D Sculpt would be a phenomenal model painter. I'm not one to point at apps at declare "This defines the iPad experience," but... Egad, I'll be damned if 123D Sculpt doesn't define the ultimate art program for tablets.

123D Sculpt is an easy recommendation for $10. But it doesn't cost $10! For a limited time Autodesk has released their newest creation on Apple's App Store for the bargain price of free. Even after the promo, list price is a measly $1!

EVERYONE with access to an iPad should should try 123D Sculpt. Get it here.

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