Saddest Victims of the HP TouchPad’s Demise? The Guys Who Wrote the Book

The HP TouchPad was launched in the United States on July 1, 2011. Seven weeks later, on August 18th, Hewlett-Packard announced it would discontinue all webOS devices. The price of all remaining TouchPad stock was slashed from the original $400-500 to $100-150. estimates the cost of manufacturing the device to be $306 for the 16GB model and $328 for the 32GB model. The failure of the TouchPad at market and the mass liquidation of stock will result in a loss of millions for HP.

There are others, however; Folks who put their time and passion on the line; People bold enough to bank on a future that was a little less “i".

This is My HP Touchpad written by Craig James Johnston and Lonzell Watson. It is a 432 page paperback book. It is available for pre-order and currently showing a release date of December 26, 2011.

Craig… Lonzell… This writer salutes you.

Now take this damn burger back and get me one with extra onions LIKE I ASKED FOR, YOU HALF-WITTED NERF HERDERS! Sheesh!

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