SENDtoREADER is Instapaper for Your Kindle

Send any web page to kindle in a single click
SENDtoREADER is a spiffy little service that lets you save articles on the web to your Amazon Kindle eBook for reading at a later time. Sign up with their service (or use your Facebook account), install a bookmark, and you can forward any article on the Internet you don’t have time to read, or just don’t feel like reading under the unforgiving lighting of an LCD screen, with a couple clicks.

SENDtoREADER currently works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, with Internet Explorer coming soon. There is even a plug-in version for Firefox that allows you to right-click on a link and send it to your Kindle without ever visiting the site (Chrome and Safari version “soon”). You can even configure it to forward articles from Google Reader! Check it out. I’d give it a try myself, but getting the Kindle out of the Mrs’ hands is tantamount to suicide!

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