Upcoming PSP RPG Heroes Fantasia Mixes Characters from 10 Anime Shows

fantasiaheroesNamco Bandai is cooking up a deliciously crazy stew of anime goodness! Heroes Fantasia, an upcoming RPG for the PSP game system will include characters from at least ten different anime series such as Slayers, Orphen, Rune Soldier, Read or Die, Sgt. Frog , Blood+, Darker than BLACK, s-CRY-ed, and My-HiME. Using a party of characters from the different anime, player will adventure across both the real world as well as the fantasy world of Adoroasu. Andrisang has a look at the first screenshots.

The bad news? You can bet your hard earned cash that this one will never make it state side due to business nightmare of international licensing. Worth importing? Two words: SERGEANT FROG!!!

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