$750 Rabbit Fur iPad Case Redefines… Something

As you undoubtedly know, there are very few times that I find myself speechless. Mark your calendars folks! Today I bring you a product so shocking in so many ways that I’m… well, you know.

This is the 3.1 Philip Lim Lynus iPad case. Available in your choice of blue, black, or… wait for it… absinthe, this charming case is covered in rabbit fur and features… well, a place to put your iPad. And a metal zipper. Zippers are cool.

absinthe rabbit fur ipad caseNow how much would you pay? You’re in luck! Neiman Marcus has these is stock right now for the bargain price of SEVEN-HUNDRED AND FIFTY U.S. DOLLARS! Use code SEPTFS for free shipping!

I think I’ll file this one under Deals.blue rabbit fur ipad case
Fun Fact: Did you know that rabbit fur is fantastic for generating static electricity? It’s better than wool!

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  1. That'll go great with my gold plated, diamond encrusted iWhatever...