Behold the Teddy Bear Roman Legion of Emperor Cuddlius!

Eureka Miniatures, the fine folks behind such mad figure lines like Jurassic Reich and Winged Fez Monkeys (as well as a huge selection of traditional historic and sci-fi minis), bring you the snuggliest conquerors of the ancient world. 28mmTBRomans02

Since Eureaka already took all the good jokes, I’m just gonna quote them:

The Emperor Cuddlius is here to direct his mighty furry legions and Centurion Fuzzius Maximus (hero bear and champion of Teddy Bear Rome) puts in an appearance as well. Mike has also included a catapult siege engine - which we think you will all agree is the epitome of Ancient Teddy Bear technology! The bears use this wonder weapon to fire pots of honey into besieged enemy fortifications to remind them of the sweet benefits of submitting to Roman Teddy Bear civilization.Roman Teddy Bear Catapult

You can check out the full line on either Eureka’s site or their US Store. Stick it to those bar-bear-ians!


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