DCF Rant #213

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gardenThis whole thing’s is just so stupid… How the heck did we end up on this side of things? Why is this even still an issue. These people (well, not these people because nearly everyone on the case has changed) spend 2 years trying to convince us that the kids are criminals that broke both of a baby’s arms, now we’re all supposed to walk away and pretend like it never happened.
You can’t be convicted of a crime if you refuse a lie detector test and you don’t have to visit or support your children unless someone tells you to in writing. Amazing. Meanwhile, every last dimwit working for DCF acts like it’s the first time they’ve ever heard the story of this case. I couldn’t be more fucking pissed. I couldn’t be more disappointed in myself for failing to fix this…

Guess I’m supposed to have a picture on all the posts now. Hang on, think I took one in the garden a couple weeks ago. Still not sure if I’m going to be able to keep working on this page after BG goes. She’s scheduled to leave for the last time October 4th. Final court date is a day or 2 afterwards. Things look… well, you read. We still had a bit of hope, but after staring at the blank expression on the guardian ad litem tonight, I’m all out. Why the hell is she even bothering to visit here? Probably more convenient than going to where the babies are to be living in two weeks. At least I’ll finally be rid of DCF.

BG leaves for visitation again Wednesday for a week and a half.


  1. Totally awesome picture. You don't have to have one if you don't want one - it's your thing do what ya want.

    Don't beat yourself up because you did a superlative job taking care of a baby and raising her into an amazing child. You and I both are pissed about the broken "system". If you need anything - you got it.

  2. I'm so sorry, and this is so frightening and sad to think of her returning to that. Were her arms broken when she came to you, or was this something they did during a visitation that DCF is turning a blind eye to? There are so many horrid things in the news about someone doing something nasty to kids, and I don't understand why these people don't just give up their kids when they obviously don't love them. It's sick. It sounds like a dangerous place they are putting her into. You did your best. I hope someone can keep tabs on her and rescue her if she needs it. I'm sure that she will remember the stark difference between your care and her birth parents, and at least she has had the experience to see what decent parenting should be because of you. (Amy Baum from facebook, and I don't know what those other profile thingies are)

  3. Chloe's arms were never broken. That incident involved her sister, Callie. Callie had one arm that was broken, never treated, and healed crooked. The second break was new and discovered by her paternal grandmother in northern Florida during a visit. Callie was 6 months old at the time. DCF placed her with the Grandma there. That was about 3 years ago.

    BG was born during the fist year of that DCF case. Birthed in secret to keep DCF from taking her away, the court would discover Chloe when she was about 1 month old. She was placed with us since she we were babysitting while her parents went to court. LOL, someone owes BIG for 2 years of babysitting!

    Thanks for your support, Amy. We're still fighting. Just a bad night. I just hope that there is more going on over at DCF than it looks like. Things are getting worse rather than better during these reunification visits. Chloe's school just filed an incident report with DCF today, so hopefully that will help.

  4. God, that is frightening. Hope Callie is fairing better with Grandma. I think now that I have one kid and another on the way, reading about this sort of thing really strikes a chord and it's hard not to reply to it. I guess, while it was sad before, once you are a parent it's easier to imagine how you'd feel. (Amy again) Take care.

  5. Another one?! Aw, you poor thi- I mean... Congratulations! ;)

    Seriously, if I never smell baby formula again, it'll be too soon, LOL That stuff was the worst smell ever and EVERYTHING reeked of it for a year!