Growing Up Otaku Digest: August 2011

Whether you’re new to the site, a fair-weather friend, or just feel compelled to read every last word we write (Thanks, MomWinking smile), GUO’s monthly wrap-up is the best way to get caught up on all the fresh, original content we produce here every day in our ongoing quest to take over entertain the world!

We had several big changes to the site last month. The first would be our application to the Amazon Associates program. This is our second attempt to try to get this lovely land of leisure to pay for itself. Ordering items via our links to from GUO (If I set ‘em up right) or via the Amazon search in the sidebar kick a small stipend back to us. Immediate family members need not apply (It’s in the Terms and Conditions). We also now have legal access to share all the cool pics and content from I should also be able to get some awesome widgets ready for Black Friday shopping! Considering how the last attempt to monetize the site went, that’s about all I’ve got to say about that. Just wanted to give the head’s up.

The next change is The Great One taking over GUO for Space Sundays. His content was fantastic and I wanted to make sure it was a regular part of the site. August saw TGO covering a new photography method for rocket launches, the technology behind DARPA’s new bomber prototype, the upcoming asteroid deflection tests, and the new video cameras being installed on the ISS. Provided the ISS holds together… Bah! Don’t Panic™, if those Russians kept Mir together, they’ll figure this out.

The final change I want to talk about is the removal of the only automated system GUO ever had: The Newsfeed. Yes, even our spamtastic Twitter feed is all done by man. In its place we now have Late Night Leftovers. Running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, LNL gives us a place to post a taste of all the flavors of otaku interests that we cover here on a much more regular basis.

August was a big month for us! We had record traffic and created a whopping 74 posts! Let’s mash on that back button and take a look at some of them.

No matter how hard you try, there is no breaking the contract. Madoka Madness continues with a new PSP game coming out in Japan. The shows writer was also seen visiting the Madoka Café.

I REALLY don’t like where Diablo III is headed. My jaw hit the floor when I found out I could get the same experience in a browser based, free-to-play game like Drakensang Online!

Two free-to-play games were added by popular eSports leagues. ESL picked up World of Tanks while MLG added League of Legends.

I played Stavka-OKH, a World War II strategy game the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Comcast unveiled their new plan to supply cheap Internet access for low-income families. I love the plan, but refuse to let them get away with the free goodwill.

GUO has a year’s worth of YouTube videos now! There’s less Ask Grandpop than you’d think Winking smile

There may be a new cure on the horizon for stomping out all viruses!

What started off as a quick news blurb turned into a full blown review as I fell in love with 123D Sculpt.

Sick of the guesswork, I ran a bunch of tests to find out exactly how much bandwidth you need for the OnLive cloud gaming service. Video, screenshots, and text. This turned out to be a bit of a bigger project than I originally envisioned. Kinda like, LOL.

Someone tried to sell a prototype 3G equipped MacBook on eBay. Apple put a stop to it, but the pics  are still cool!

The nearly impossible to find Evangelion manga got a digital release. That is one gorgeous comic!

There was a cool little browser game called No Longer Subject to Judicial Review. Innovative gameplay, social commentary, and a price tag of $0. I love to feature this stuff! Speaking of:

Free Rice is a great way to give to charity while sharpening your brain. The Mrs. is VERY addicted to this game, racking up over 6 thousand grains a night!

There was some hullabaloo about the HP TouchPad. You probably heard about it from every media outlet on Earth. Bet you didn’t hear about the upcoming book though!

Did you know Grand Theft Auto 2 had been updated and released for free by Rockstar Games? I complied links to the game, maps, and walkthroughs.

Several sites claim to have found a “leaked” presentation for the upcoming Playstation Vita handheld. I clear up this little matter.

GameStop got busted removing freebies from Deus Ex Human Revolution. Duh. I’m willing to bet that GameStop employees make up 20% of all internet traffic! Of course this got out. Still, when you manage a store in a mini-mall and spend all day looking at the closed Borders on one side and the closed Blockbuster on the other…

French Artists paid tribute to director Satoshi Kon. Lots of great anime inspired art there.

There’s more? Gah… Man, we worked hard this month!

AT&T is going to charge you for not having long distance on your landline telephone. Ya know, for only $1 a month, I won’t give you long distance either!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have eCards?! Yes, and it gets stranger. Their latest topic is preparing for the Zombie apocalypse!

Gears of War is getting a tabletop board game adaptation and it looks awesome!

There is a new way to tell time. The optical lattice atomic clock is accurate to 100 quadrillionths of a second!

Finally, The Sims Social took Facebook by storm! Really! You should see our Google numbers on this one. HUGE! Fortunately, The Great One was there with the first impressions of the beta and was kind enough to share his top 10 strategies.

…and that, my friends, is just a sample of Growing Up Otaku’s content for the month of August. Last month I debated killing off this feature due to the time it took but… Well, the Mrs. She likes it. Have some feedback of your own? Our mailboxes are always open via the comments,, or Facebook. We look forward to enslaving serving you again in September as we continue our quest for global domination bringing you the latest news, reviews, deals, commentary, and more commentary (Seriously, have you noticed I can’t even post a deal without getting my two cents in Winking smile).

On behalf of the entire Growing Up Otaku family,

Thanks for reading!

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